While having a solid product or service offering is essential for any business, its success depends, to a large extent, on being able to sell that product or service profitably and repeatedly. But ensuring this happens isn’t an easy task – especially for small and medium sized businesses.

Sales Optimization Overview

Lastaki’s Sales Optimization service is uniquely positioned to bring the science into sales. Our approach involves understanding opportunities and pain points, recommending and implementing highly granular solutions, establishing sales processes and setting up robust sales engines for enterprises to boost business performance and sales output.

Typically, this includes implementing processes that allows a consistent system of market mapping, meetings, tracking & analysis of meetings, and sourcing progress. By systematising sales processes, we ensure that these processes get institutionalised to make them person independent. It also includes creating a sales monitoring system to analyse the sales process and its efficacy. Critically, this system provides insights to organisations on why they do or do not win business while identifying unsustainable business wins that may be leading to an empty pipeline or a flawed sales process.

Having successfully delivered Sales Optimization for clients across industries, Lastaki brings a breadth of perspective and depth of experience that is unmatched making it the partner of choice for businesses looking to transform sales into a sustainable business growth engine.

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