An independent and structured approach to target identification

Market Scoping: Lastaki’s independent research offering

Step 1- Identify Criteria

  • Technology?
  • Services?
  • Sector Focus?
  • Geography?
  • Size?

Step 2- Research

  • Identify Companies
  • Rank and Sort
  • Business & Financial Data
  • Willingness to sell?

Step 3- Narrow Down and Acquire

  • Top Down & Bottom up view
  • Make the right strategic decision
  • Best choice vs Possible?

The research offering : Market Scoping - why it makes sense?

A structured approach: As opposed to evaluating options on an opportunistic basis – which can be time – consuming and can lead to an ill - informed decisions – this research exercise gives a structured, ‘top – down’ view of the market

Make an Informed decision: Being able to benchmark service providers & the various products available in the market will give the ability to choose the most appropriate partner and strategy to execute its India strategy

Lastaki Insight: Benefit from our experience, understanding and unparalleled network in the space to give you the "real picture" and not just rely on hear - say, secondary market information or management’s view on themselves

Saving time and costs: Will greatly cut down on ‘scouting time’ as all options are presented in a single report – at a fraction of the cost of the investment you will make in India

The research offering : Market Scoping - why we can deliver this?

  • By virtue of our advisory and M&A transactions, we have
    • Management experience - ability to advise you on the non - financial strengths of a business
    • Insight - a deep understanding of the players, services, industry trends, M&A trends etc.
    • Strong M&A and research capabilities
  • Led by partners with extensive investment banking and research experience
  • Supported by a strong analyst team spread across offices in Mumbai & Hyderabad
  • Closely and privately held company by the partners of the firm - no conflict of interest

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Market Scoping