HR Optimization Overview

Among the greatest challenges that organizations face is the people one. In our view, there are 3 stages to the people problem:

  1. Getting the right people for the job
  2. Getting the right people to pull in the same direction
  3. Getting the right people to pull in the right direction

Lastaki, in collaboration with Shilputsi, offers clients comprehensive HR solutions that include:

Ranging from search and training to performance management and reward systems, we provide end-to-end strategic solutions to organizations as well as individuals. Our aim is to help organizations achieve their HR and Talent Management objectives while helping individuals to achieve their professional career goals.

Clients have chosen Lastaki’s HR Optimization solution because of the following reasons:

Over three decades of experience in working with global and Indian corporations has helped us to establish a vast network of contacts across industries and effectively deliver on commitments.

We examine and evaluate a wide spectrum of HR and business issues in order to gain a deeper understanding of our client’s needs. Our team’s qualified and experienced professionals work in partnership with the client’s HR team to set clear goals, create a well-defined roadmap and deliver superior performance.

By taking a 360-degree solutions approach to HR, our breadth of work involves everything from deploying entire HR systems to providing problem-specific solutions making us the one-stop destination for every client’s HR needs.

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